Exploring Private Equity With Mark Hauser

The role that a private equity firm places is at once institutional and exceptional: they are focused on providing a return on each investment to their investors.

For more than 30 years, Mark Hauser has plied his trade in the private equity world by first spreading his roots from a small business in Cincinnati, OH. After acquiring a small company that would eventually grow into The Hauser Group, Mark Hauser would lead his team to the title of national risk management and brokerage firm.

Backed by years of due diligence and industry experience, Hauser has developed himself as an expert backed by talented M&A teams. Headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis, it is easy to see how Mark Hauser has become one of the it investors in private equity.

Let’s peel back the curtain to learn more about Mark Hauser and his investments in the private equity sphere.

Building a Life in Cincinnati

If you were born or raised around Cincinnati, then the Hauser name may hold some familiarity. With a former pro football player as his father, Mark Hauser grew up with a little bit of shine following him around at all times. Despite this extra attention, Hauser worked hard to develop his education at both St. Xavier’s and the University of Miami-Ohio. Earning his B.A. in business and finance, Hauser was more than prepared for the tasks ahead of graduation.

An avid reader and traveler, Hauser balances his life at work with experiences alongside his family. Hauser says that his greatest joy is, “My four children and watching them build their lives.”

Outside of his three daughters, Hauser spends most of his time with his wife, Margie. Margie is a professional pianist and composer, having worked in both television and on Broadway. Margie herself is a member of The Recording Academy.

Aside from work in equity as well as his familial focus, Hauser operates as the co-owner of several successful businesses, including the Cincinnati Sports Club. The locally-owned and privately held business has enjoyed more than 30 years in operation, driven by the work of Mark and Bob Castellini.

Career Advice For Entrepreneurs

Even though Mark Hauser is uniquely focused on the private equity sphere, he understands that his role in the field is fundamental as a people person. Hauser believes that every successful company or entrepreneur should build their business relationships around both shared respect and a shared vision.

No matter how much is shared with a partner in the field, Hauser knows that many successful ventures revolve around making the focus of the conversation about the other person. Hauser uses these techniques and tactics to better connect with his clients and colleagues on a deeper and more personable level.

Right now, Hauser is looking beyond his experience in private equity and toward where he believes the next tech revolution will occur: healthcare.

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