Non-academic Tips to Help you Crack JEE Exam

Have you also heard that cracking JEE in the very first attempt is next to impossible? Well let us agree to the fact that the exam is getting tougher with the increasing competition, this can be seen after the analysis of JEE Main Question Paper 2020. But with the right guidance and strategy, you can be the one who cracks JEE in the first attempt. So stick to the article till the very end and you will observe that the article has many important takeaways that can be used on daily basis for improving your performance. 

Let us dive straight into the nonacademic tips that will help you achieve that rank you have always dreamt of: 

Proper planning

The right strategy as mentioned above is the crucial step for an examination. You have to make up your mind that you want to crack the exam on the very first attempt. So start with a good strategy and study schedule. Don’t just make it but do follow it strictly. The process will become a lot easier if you have your concepts clear, so make sure you have made proper notes and are dedicated from the very start. If it is your first time preparing for a difficult exam or sticking to the schedule then start will small goals and analyze if you can achieve them. If that works then gradually increase them and aim higher. 

Time is money 

In such an examination, you cannot slack even a little bit. You should know from the start that there is a lot of competition outside and students are preparing for years to crack it. So they will not hesitate to take your seat if you slack. A small mistake can bring your rank very low which can affect your career and motivation to achieve big. So try managing time from the beginning of the year so that by the time entrance is the year you are done with your syllabus and should have revised the complete syllabus at least once.

Daily goals

As already mentioned a small bit in the first point that you have to set goals. The best thing is when you will set all that is daily, weekly and monthly goals. You also have to allot time for the revision, as you have to keep everything you have studied in your permanent memory. Make sure that your goals are completed and analyze where you are lacking, both the concepts and if you think that you are not able to achieve the set goal, then try to find the reason and correct them as soon as possible. This will help you in the long run as they will not hinder you in your progress. 


The correct strategy can be easily formed by doing the full analysis of the syllabus and the types of questions that can be formed or have been formed from them. Before starting you have to know where you stand, analysis of your own mistake is a must. This will help you correct them early so that they do not hamper your growth. The important topics that are often repeated should be the ones taken much care of. Try making your basics clear and move one step at a time towards your goal. 


In this whole one year or maybe two, you may feel exhausted and would have a feeling of complacency. Make sure you can push yourself from inside and even if it is hard try bee productive every day. You can do so by concentrating on an object for a few minutes, this will remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and will channelize your energy, Later you can come back where you left with full zeal. 

Take a break 

You don’t have to always site for a scratch of 6 hours, that is not humanly possible. Try to break your study routine into chunks so that whatever you study or practice during that time, will be remembered for a long time. You can take a day off if you are feeling exhausted, go somewhere out with your friends so that you can come back with a fresh mind. During these studies, sessions take small breaks of fifteen minutes or so. During that time you can go for a small walk, listen to music, or help with the household chores.


You must be knowing that you have to be completely focused so that the topic is completed in the first go. So make sure you choose the right environment for study, it is better to go to a nearby library or study when everyone at home is busy with their work. If you are a night owl then make sure you utilize this time to the fullest. Because it is the quietest time and everything you will study will go straight into your brain. Keep your study environment clean, make sure your study table is neat ad it should only have those things which are required. This means that you should not be surrounded by distractions.


Exercising daily will keep your spirits high, as you will have an adrenaline rush. If you are feeling sleepy then just do some skipping or small exercise, this will boost your energy and you can learn much faster. Doing daily exercise will make you more focused on your goal and you will be able to achieve all your set targets without fail. 


Apart from studying with full concentration and strategy these non-academic tips will enhance your performance. If you will be able to practice them for at least a month without fail then you can yourself see the difference. Every time you will sit to study you will have that zeal to complete the topic in the best way possible. If you are preparing a study schedule daily stick to them to see the changes. If not all then at least some of the tips from this article will surely help you improve your performance. So, now it is up to you to see which ones suit you the best so that you can study with your full potential. 

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