Revision Tips For NEET

“Success is not about luck. Success comes to a person with tremendous amounts of hard work and passion .” – Pele

Close one’s eye, take a deep breath and exhale hard. Do you think yoga is being taught to you ? No, you are just being asked to blow away all the stress and relax. Because stress, tension and anxiety will not get one anywhere, if a student is totally prepared, he should shoo away the fear.

“Preparing for the exams is hard work considering the limitations and strengths of the exam but if the student is committed enough, he can get a prestigious position.” this is what the student says when asked about the time he spends preparing for the exam. 

A student feels the same way in the beginning, but with time, he or she would learn to de-stress.Consider someone like Usian Bolt who has been consistently winning medals for his country at the international level.According to many researchers, the average time for completing a race taken by Usian bolt is much less than an amateur athlete which is the result of countless hours of practice and self sufficiency . Now Elite athletes have shown time and again that techniques are far more important than just robust random training, and today, some smart and efficient tips would be shared that one can do to help oneself study smartly and ace the examination. A student will have to identify what suits him the most and study accordingly. He might consider referring to NEET Subject and Chapter Wise Weightage for a better understanding of the syllabus. The most efficient way of accessing the accurate portion of NEET is through the usage of the site- .

          Tips and A Plan

  •   The first thing to do is to set a pace. Work at a speed that crushes a student through the task but does not swallow him up. A student will have to work on it from the very beginning of the session and increase his capabilities gradually.
  •  The second most important thing for a NEET Aspirant is to establish goals for oneself, instead of setting a general target and then trying to accomplish what he can in a haphazard manner. It is very important to decide what one has to do in a given duration of time. The human mind has been designed such that it is able to follow a focussed plan and it is difficult to just go with the flow on any random day. Once a student’s thoughts and goals are on the same page, a focused system will follow. To boost up the concentration level, try dividing the schedule into study and recreation hours. When one studies,Choose a mix of subjects that you like and dislike, and save the latter for last, so that there is something to look forward to. For example, if a person enjoys doing inorganic chemistry more than physics problems, then finish physics first. Not only will a person find himself working harder, he will also have a sense of achievement when he winds up.
  •  Every student must try and take regular breaks and try not to sit for more than 40 minutes at any time. Take a really short break and make oneself a cup of tea or tune in to a melody and sit down once more.A student must not sit for hours at length. Brief breaks help a person’s concentration and keep them focused. When a person begins working on a subject, it is common for too many topics to arise. They may be relevant in other contexts, but not in this one. Experiencing all of these new vistas will undoubtedly increase a person’s stress, which is why taking breaks at regular intervals allows one’s mind and body to relax. However, one must be careful not to overdo the relaxation. It may have unintended consequences. 
  •  Exercising a bit during free hours and taking good care of oneself, will not only rejuvenate a person, but also boost a person’s confidence and keep unwarranted stress and anxiety at bay. Maintain a positive approach, and don’t let negative thoughts put a person down, as this might distract a person from achieving his target.
  •  Biology is a subject that must be paid due attention to while preparing for NEET. It is a subject that has maximum weightage and must be done with accuracy and efficiency. A student must remember all the topics as well as all the key points for every chapter to do well in the examination. Biology notes can be accessed from the internet or made by the student himself that can be used in the revision leg for improving concepts.
  •   The NCERT textbook is designed by some of the really meticulous professionals and has a brief and detailed explanation of every chapter making it easy for the student to follow. The subject matter is enhanced through the use of visual aid and makes it all the simpler for average students to decipher the text. It is one of the best books for preparing for the final examination.
  •  Having confidence and faith in one’s own abilities is a necessary step toward success. A student may make a lot of mistakes in the beginning stages of preparation, but this only improves with time. A high level of stress should be avoided because it can have a negative impact on the results. A student may also want to go over the notes in the revision leg to ensure that he has memorized every nook and cranny of the syllabus. This is especially important in chemistry because most inorganic chemistry questions are trivial but memory-based. Combining all of the formulas used in the chapters can be beneficial to the student.


Many people have achieved excellent national rankings as a result of their hard work and dedication, as well as the points mentioned in this article. This should be kept in mind to achieve a proper rank and get into a college that one desires.

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