What are the chapters in CBSE class 8 English Honeydew?

Class 8 English is very important and is the basic foundation of the language. As they go to higher classes the lessons will be more and more complicated with the usage of different words and phrases. Students, therefore, have to be well versed with the learning and the writing skills with the proper grammar usage.

The chapters in CBSE class 8 English HoneyDew give the students the knowledge and the importance of the concepts. Each chapter in Honey Dew has a unique meaning. Students can make their learning interesting with these chapters.

The chapters in class 8 HoneyDew have 10 Chapters and 8 Poems.

Honey Dew chapters are The Best Christmas Present in the World, Glimpses of Past, Bepin Choudhary’s Lapse of Memory, The Summit Within, This is Jody’s Fawn, The Tsunami, A Short Monsoon Diary, The Great Stone Face -I and II, A Visit to Cambridge.

Poems are The Ant and the Cricket, Macavity, The Last Bargain, The SchoolBoy, Geography Lesson, The Duck and the kangaroo, On the Grasshopper and Cricket, When I Set Out For Lyonnesse.

These chapters and the poems can be easy if students read and understand their contents and the information which is conveyed in the chapters or poems.

The literature is a little easier compared to the poems. Poems have an inner and a consequential meaning which needs a little deeper thought to understand. Students can refer to the summary given in the NCERT Solutions which will give the proper understanding of the poems with the explanation of each line in a simple language. Thus making it simple and easy.

For some students, English could be difficult and for some, it might be very easy. As you know nothing comes easy and nothing is impossible. Students can start reading the newspaper, novels or the magazine in which the scripts are written with high proficiency and students get very familiar with the words and sentences easily.

Reading the text, while doing so, don’t think that you are studying or preparing for an exam. Read it as a storybook. When you read like this the understanding is faster and interesting.

Another way to improve the language is to make a list of at least five new words every day and note it down along with the meaning. The new words can be from newspapers, textbooks, magazines, anything. New words can be any words with which you are not familiar. This will help you amazingly.

Tips for Language preparation.

Reading the chapter is the first step. When you read for the first time some words or sentences will be very new and you may not understand anything. That is not at all a problem or any reason to demotivate yourself. Read the second time, this time it will be better than the first time and so on. Reading a number of times will help you to know more about the chapter.

This also is a true fact that you cannot just keep concentrating on English as you also have other subjects. The solution is to have a study plan and the proper approach including all the subjects and the topics. This will give you an equal distribution for a day-wise study structure. Give the target completion dates for each subject allowing enough time for revision.

A place to study.

Study Area is very important. You cannot keep changing and studying every day in a different place. This will make you lose concentration and won’t be able to focus properly. Decide a place where there won’t be any distractions.

Time to study.

Fix a time for your studies either in the morning or evening time in which you will be more focused. Follow the same timing every day.


When you start reading the chapters sometimes you might not understand some topics or you find it difficult to understand. Don’t get demotivated but instead ask your teachers or friends and clarify. Once you clarify the doubts then learning becomes easier and more fun.

Enjoy the study sessions.

Enjoy your studies rather than pressurizing yourself. Be calm and stress-free so whatever you are studying stays in your mind. Always be positive and trust in yourself.

Study Breaks.

Don’t study continuously for long hours as this will make you feel frustrated and bored. Take breaks in between and just have some healthy nuts or listen to soft music. When you think that you are ready to start, come back again. This will be like rejuvenating you.

Preparation of notes.

Irrespective of any subject, notes preparation is very important. While reading you will know better what point to be taken down or the topics which are difficult to understand. Make notes of all the minute points. When you write you also learn.


Always revise whenever it is possible in your free time. Revise what you have written. Don’t take this as a regular study. It is just glancing at what you have written which will help you in an excellent way. When you are doing your regular studies you can go through what you have done on the previous day. This way you will not forget whatever you learn and practice.

Practise exercises.

Once you have completed the syllabus you can try to answer the practise exercises given in the NCERT solutions. This will help to know the progress of your learning. You can follow this for all the subjects.

Sample Question Papers and important questions.

Solving sample question papers will give an idea to write answers in the exam in the right format. You can also know if you are able to complete the paper in the prescribed time. You should practice completing at least 30 minutes earlier so you can revise your answer sheet. Revising the answer sheet is very important. You can also practice the important questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT solutions. This will also give you an idea of the questions likely coming in the exam.

These are simple tips but if followed properly, it will be effective and the progress can be noted. 


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