Why you need NCERT Physics to score above 80 in Class 12

Physics is a crucial and difficult subject to master. However, if you prepare ahead of time and put the appropriate items in the proper places, you will ace the exam. It necessitates conceptual comprehension and problem-solving skills. It necessitates a thorough understanding of ideas, as well as visualisation and application of information and formulae. Don’t worry, you can master this topic if you first understand the fundamentals. Physics, too, necessitates a fundamental awareness of the whole CBSE 12th syllabus of Physics as well as an in-depth 

comprehension of key chapters that are vital for the board test.

Students that struggle with mathematics should begin by reading Modern Physics. The Semiconductor chapter is one of the most essential, with a weighted average of 8 points. Atoms and nuclei are worth a total of six points.

The following set of chapters is Dual Nature of Radiation, which is worth 4 points. Three points are assigned to the communication system. Having a firm grasp of these chapters aids students in achieving higher grades in Physics.

Now you must concentrate on essential and tough topics such as Optics, which is worth 14 points on the board test. Ray optics, which is easier to study, must be completed first in Optics. You should focus more on the difficulties of interference, diffraction, and Young’s double-slit experiment in Wave Optics.

If you haven’t studied Electrostatics and Magnetism yet, you should skip these chapters because they take longer than the rest. These chapters, on the other hand, are critical for competitive examinations.

Another unit on which you should concentrate if you want to do well is EMI. It’s a crucial unit for both board examinations and competitive tests.

Carefully practise the ray diagram as well as other relevant diagrams. Drawing and studying will assist you in grasping numerous things more quickly and easily.

Solve objective problems to improve your efficiency in answering 1 mark questions in the test; this will be a plus.


For Physics, read the NCERT Physics Class 12 Book PDF in Hindi or English. It is the most crucial book for the Class 12 Physics board exam. The NCERT book covers all of the topics on the exam’s syllabus.

Make a thorough note of all derivations, equations, and experiments in the syllabus and retain it; it will come in handy during the test.

Try to understand the rationale behind the derivations when working on a derivation. Understanding a derivation will make it easier for you to deduce it at any time. Revise all of the ideas on a regular basis.

Start early if you don’t enjoy the numbers part. Get acclimated to the numerical component of the equation. Solve all of the numerical problems in the NCERT book (both, solved and unsolved). Numerical is required in all physics articles, therefore there is no way around it!

Remember to understand the SI units (if applicable) for all physical things.

Solve questions from CBSE sample papers and publications like EXAM IDEA once you’ve finished your course. In a timed setting, practise papers in physics.

Whenever feasible, write your descriptive answers in points and use pictorial or graphical illustrations throughout the test. It boosts visibility.

 Before replying, scan the paper.

For problems that require a lengthy response. Make a skeleton of the answer in the margin before you begin.

In very brief inquiries, be succinct and to the point.


Expert instructors and trainers develop all NCERT books after conducting a considerable study on each subject’s contents. All CBSE NCERT Solutions for all courses will be double-checked by competent instructors before being published. As a result, NCERT Textbooks are the finest resource for exam preparation and improving exam scores. Every key subject in your curriculum is covered in each NCERT book, which includes accurate and reliable information. As a result, if you’re having trouble learning a challenging subject, NCERT books will come to your rescue. Aside from the facts, every CBSE student should be aware that all question paper setters use these NCERT books while designing exam questions. As a result, if you want to get the best grades in your final test or board exam, you should constantly consult the NCERT books.

These NCERT books are designed to assist all students, regardless of intellect level, with appropriate solutions and knowledge in a basic and easy manner. Every minute detail is carefully discussed in these NCERT Books to help you grasp complicated themes and subjects and to clear up any misconceptions you may have.

Another noteworthy and important advantage of reading NCERT books is that they are perfectly aligned with the CBSE’s most recent curriculum. As a result, students will be able to access all of the questions and subjects based on the most recent syllabus and exam structure. As a result, kids are not confused between the two groups. NCERT Books are sufficient not only for board examinations but also for competitive tests like JEE mains and other such exams.

Regardless of how hard you study for the examinations, you must revise and practise sufficiently to remember what you learned. You should complete all of the questions in the exercise at the end of each chapter while reviewing. You’ll be a pro at answering any question on the exam once you’ve done this. You should also practise writing these questions in the same terminology that the NCERT textbooks use.

NCERT Books provide all of the principles and fundamentals of each topic for all courses, allowing pupils to grasp concepts more readily and rapidly.NCERT books also provide a lot of critical questions and problems for final examinations. Gather all of the questions from the books and prepare thoroughly for the final board tests. For further practise, NCERT experts provide a number of questions at the conclusion of each chapter or book. NCERT Solutions for all topics in one place.

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